1. curtiscape:

    Closer than Close

    © Curtis Eberhardt

    (Source: curtiseberhardt, via latrish)

  2. blackartchicago:

    The Poet (2014)
    Green Mill, Chicago
    photo by RJ El

  3. ericigonzalez:

    "in the times of then"

    (via sugar-factory)

  4. sugar-factory:

    silver gelatin work print

    by Brittany Markert // in rooms

    Crazy insane work of Brittany Markert and the unbelievably talented Ms. Jones

    (Source: in-rooms.com.)

  5. sugar-factory:

    Oldie by James Christopher

  7. agarotica:

    Be The Light

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  8. agarotica:

    Sleeping Beauty

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  10. agarotica:

    Light Bulbs 

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  11. this is an amazingly beautiful, erotic set.


    Roarie Yum | IV |

  12. angmodel:

    andrea margaret by shannon rosan